Curious Caterpillars’ programs are prepared to address the developmental stages of a child’s life and set them on the path for success.


Children between the ages of 6 and 18 months have a wonderful opportunity to participate in our infant program. The foundation of this program is to provide a warm, nurturing environment that allows the children to build the confidence needed to explore the world around them. Our child-to-teacher ratio is always a minimum of 3:1.  Generally, children participate in class where we sing, read books, experience and explore a variety of objects in the classroom. Infants enjoy a specialized menu to meet their individual needs, which includes two healthy snacks and a hot lunch daily. Our stroller walks and back garden provide infants with the opportunity to spend time outdoors in a safe and stimulating atmosphere twice a day, weather permitting. Each child is provided with their own crib for naps and afternoon sleep time. The infant room encourages learning through toys, diverse materials and everyday objects.


Children between the ages of 18 months and 2.5 years participate in our toddler program. The primary objectives are to provide opportunities for socialization and confidence-building and to lay the foundation of learning for our preschool program. Toddlers have a 5:1 teacher ratio. Class time focuses on gross motor skills, language development, sensory awareness and much more, while providing plenty of time for playing together. Each child gets two healthy snacks and a hot lunch each day. Toddlers have a minimum of two hours of outdoor learning and play each day. This often provides time for sharing opportunities and learning to play well with others.


Our enhanced preschool program aids in transitioning toddlers for learning and developing a large host of skills, including writing, name recognition, counting, building, creativity and more. Our goal is to prepare children for kindergarten and give them a head start with their learning while providing a strong sense of self-confidence and self-awareness. Each child takes turns with leadership opportunities in the classroom and has their own day to shine. The preschoolers are read to several times a day and are encouraged to learn the foundations for becoming great readers themselves. With the introduction of science and a variety of fine motor activities, these children have a wonderful time learning in an environment that fosters all areas of school readiness. Our preschool ratio is 8:1 and often lower. Children enjoy supervised learning opportunities twice a day for at least an hour outside, in our dedicated play space or on neighborhood walks. A healthy, hot lunch and two snacks are provided for each child daily.

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